Monday, November 05, 2007

Thanksgiving Should Be Everyday

Feeling blue today, but I found this email that I wrote to myself on 11/27/06 with the subject line, "Thanksgiving Should Be Everyday." It's actually an insightful time capsule into my life at that moment approximately one year ago.

"Thank you, God, for...
1) the health of my family, my friends, and myself this past year
2) nudging me to go to UCSF and to meet so many wonderful people
3) your grace and forgiveness
4) the wonder of taste -- from a 2004 Mondavi muscat to foie gras to hot salty french fries with ketchup -- which reminds me that I am alive and here on this earth for a short time
5) Jey
6) the sensation of falling in love
7) beauty in all things -- even the beauty of pain
8) knowing that ignorance is not's the imperfections that make life worth living
9) allowing me to pass my cardiovascular exam
10) the respite of sleep
11) the warmth of love
12) letting me pretend that I'm Christopher Smart, but without the cat Geoffrey
13) my adorable brothers and sisters and wonderful family
14) my amazing friends who always give me an ear or a bed to sleep in
15) the 2004 Mondavi muscat
16) the opportunities that have been available to me since birth
17) giving me the chance to grow and develop emotionally
18) giving me an elevator to commute to school
19) my imperfect, humble, passionate, little soul."

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