Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today was the first day of Third Year (we're in a 2-week buffer known as Transitional Clerkship) and the rubber has clearly hit the road.

We had class 9-12 pm and then orientation at SFGH (for my group) in the afternoon. Around 10:30 am, the speaker asked if there were any questions and one student asked if we could take a break.

"A break?" the speaker asked blankly, as if to say, what's that?

It was a sign that we've become MS3's...no more touchy feely breaks or administrative coddling! Running down the hallway eating a salad at SFGH today also made me realize that life is going to be a lot more hectic.

Hopefully these 2 weeks will be productive and organizational for me...I've already experienced a few administrative snafu's mostly from being so distracted last month.

Coming back to UCSF for lecture makes me feel like a stranger...the lecture hall was repainted and recarpeted and there were new metal benches outside the nursing building. UCSF does seem to continually change. :)

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