Monday, August 04, 2008

Heart Attack? Do This Now.

Working on the cardiology service, here is my public service announcement on heart attacks adapted from,,20188758,00.html

"If you are having chest pain and you do not have nitroglycerin:
1) Call 911 or other emergency services now. Describe your symptoms, and say that you could be having a heart attack.
2) Stay on the phone. The emergency operator will tell you what to do.
3) After you call for help, chew one regular-strength uncoated aspirin. Aspirin helps keep blood from clotting, so it may help you survive a heart attack.

The best choice is to go to the hospital in an ambulance. The paramedics can begin lifesaving treatments even before you arrive at the hospital. If you cannot reach emergency services, have someone drive you to the hospital right away. Do not drive yourself unless you have absolutely no other choice."

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