Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Intersession 2 and a Really Nice Weekend

Big Sur from the Lucia Lodge restaurant porch
best fish and chips ever
The MS3's are midway through Intersession 2, a week-long break between 3rd and 4th block. It's interesting that even though I had more free time during Family Medicine, I actually ended up blogging less. During Intersession, the students engage in a variety of touchy-feely small groups and lectures about medical ethics and professionalism. It's actually a good time to unwind and reflect on how we are changing on our journey to becoming doctors.
Last weekend after the Family Medicine exam was also extremely nice. To start, I spent an hour walking around Lake Merced by myself before sunset, which is something that I wanted to do for six weeks after glimpsing the beautiful lake through a window at the Janet Pomeroy Center (a fantastic center for children and adults with disabilities that FCM introduced me to via a community project). Lake Merced is beautiful; there are so many areas of the city that I haven't explored yet (the SF Zoo is nearby too).

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