Monday, June 01, 2009

"Winning the Game"

In medicine, "winning the game" means that a team or person has discharged all of their patients before the next call night, which means that they have no work until the next call. Clinical medicine is an interesting culture, with slang and neologisms that can roll off your tongue before you can think, "wait, that was incomprehensible to a normal person." For instance, you can say, "CBC q 6 hours, goal crit 30" or "cycle the trops" or "wean the nebs" and most people around you in the hospital will nod knowingly.

But i often digress. Medicine at el general has been great, I really enjoy working with my team and treating patients who are often underprivileged and have complex psychosocial situtations. The residents and attendings at SFGH are fantastic, and provide top notch care to patients who can easily fall between the cracks.

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