Friday, July 10, 2009

Needlestick update 1

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. :)

I went to occupational health this morning to have baseline labs drawn and consented to have a "student phlebotomist" draw my blood. hey, we all gotta learn somehow (although most of the time in med school phlebotomy class, the learning is mutual). the student phlebotomist was nervous, but pretty fast. after the blood draw, the nurse supervising her growled, "you have to make sure that the whole needle is in the sharps bin." we looked at the table and realized that the entire butterfly needle was still hanging outside the bin. Hm. The sight of such a needlestick hazard made me wince (on the inside).


Iris said...

Hey steph, I'm sorry to hear about your "stick. It happens to the best of us, but even the low risk pokes are nervewarcking, and sometimes painful, especially with all the hand sanitizer we use. I got myself stuck during my OB rotation. On my one-month plastic surgery rotation last month I saw 3 sticks. One of the residents said her first stick as a 3rd year was on an HIV+, nec fasc debridement case. Hang in there. Don't forget your follow-up checkups as they're the ones that matter.

iliveinthehospital said...

To be honest, I came here to find refuge from third year and to read some stories that I could relate to about arrogant residents and poor teaching. It seems like you have it good at UCSF. No third year horror stories? No ex-UCSF grads-now-residents that pretended like you didn't exist or failed to teach you anything but instead rided you for not knowing things that they knew you wouldn't know (having gone to SF themselves)?