Thursday, August 06, 2009

A WhIRl of Activity

Finished my ED rotation last week and started my IR rotation at the VA this week...during the weekend I managed to complete two ED shifts while moving into a new apartment at Mission Bay!

Since this is my first time at the SF VA, there are a few observations:
- veterans tend to belong to a specific demographic
- veterans tend to pretty stoic about their medical conditions (example 1: "does this hurt?" [jab a needle] "Nope." example 2: "any medical problems?" "Nope." the note says he has HCV. These are two different veterans).
- the oceanside view is sublime
- the commute along the Great Highway is also pretty uplifting

Overhead, just heard a funny announcement over the loudspeaker:
"Mr. H. Mr. H, please return to your room, Room 1A."

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