Thursday, October 08, 2009


from some written thoughts during the first year of medical school (2/2007):

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are a lot of things in my life that still make me happy. I am grateful to be at UCSF, and to have a lot of people in my life whom I respect, admire, and love. Being in medical school has changed my life for the better, I feel everyday like I have a purpose in life, the mysteries and quests and the prospect of making a real difference in the world."

Now that I am a fourth-year student, it's funny that I still feel that way.

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Dr Benway said...

It's a good gig, particularly once you get match day behind you.

Internship gave me a sense that I could handle whatever walked through the door, and that I could recognize the truly acute from "this can wait." That experience made me feel like a doctor more than anything else.

Of course now I'd be terrified to run an ER or ICU. Way too rusty.

I wonder what medicine will look like in 20 years, when you're looking back as I am now.