Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Love My Intellectual Mother

Being unable to study in the library today, I went home defeated and started doing laundry. I decided to call my mother and we talked about the New Yorker. Then she started talking about NPR and her recent fascination with Truman Capote, and how she plans to read "In Cold Blood" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's." This tickles me, because her last obsession with Jane Austen led her to reread most of Austen's classics and purchase box sets of the BBC series of "Pride and Prejudice" and the one with Keira Knightly.

It was only in recent years that I realized that my mother is not your typical immigrant Asian mom...even though she did make me take piano lessons.

Anyway, at the end of our conversation, she mentioned that a new book is coming out by a female is a NYT review. Interestingly, it covers much of the themes included in this blog and it's written by a female Asian physician of Taiwanese heritage. I hate being a stereotype, and I say that only half-jokingly.

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