Thursday, February 15, 2007

Your Kidney Is Smarter Than You Are

In a powerpoint lecture earlier this block, a phrase kept reoccuring: "Remember: Your Kidney Is Smarter Than You Are." After this block, I'm pretty sure that those cute little bean-shaped organs are much more cunning than they seem. The mantra seems both funny and demoralizing, because, yes, I am coming to believe that the kidney is smarter than outsmarts me at every turn, adjusting, changing, filtering, secreting, excreting...and then we give it drugs and the whole delicate balance or imbalance of the system readjusts!

I get annoyed whenever they ask us to predict what would happen if X or Y were to occur...don't ask me...I'm a medical student...not a psychic. Even Miss Cleo would be hard-pressed to declare what that little critter called the kidney might do.

So I realize that this blog might benefit from more of a personal angle...what did I do last night, you ask? I spent Valentine's Day in the library, and it was actually a pretty calm, nice Valentine's Day. Half of our class was studying for the renal exam tomorrow, and we wished each other happy Valentine's and sighed over how romantic the whole situation was before sticking our heads back in the syllabus and crying over the kidney.

Then around 7 p.m., I went to a fantastic hot pot dinner at Paul's and watched the season finale of "Beauty and the Geek" with some special people. Even in the hard times, medical students can always make room for TV, food, and company. =)

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