Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ocean Beach Photos by Kim

The other sunset photo was from a Habitat in Humanity mission to Michigan in April 2005. Psych. This one is a real photo of the sunset seen last weekend at Ocean Beach (such a creative name for a beach; the name is just one step above Beach Beach, haha) If you come to UCSF, you can see the beach everyday...if you really really wanted to. The nice thing about sunsets is not the sun itself (which is setting in a glorious fiery finale), but the way that the sunset tranforms the whole sky into a symphony of colors.

The beautiful texture of the sand.
Albert: "You can take a macro picture of the sand ripples and tell people that you went to the Sahara!"
Kim: "Yeah, or I could just tell them that I went to the Sahara..."

Paul and I playing "wave chicken" with the tide.

Aforementioned tide.

Paul and me playing at the edge of the water. I look like Cousin It and and it looks like the sun took a bite out of Paul's head, but it's a nice picture.

Tasty seafoam (isn't that supposed to be a green color?)

The sun setting.

Stephanie: "I'm curious about the ocean."

Paul: "It's only two blocks away..."

[we walk to Ocean Beach via Golden Gate Park]

Stephanie: "Is the sun down yet?? It's cold!!"

Meanwhile, the moonrise was happening on the other side of the sky.


thom said...

Lovely photos.

Every morning and evening I commute to the UCSF Laurel Heights campus along Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach (by way of the Great Highway) and Skyline Drive on the cliffs above the ocean. It's such a wonderful, calming way to start and end my day; it's so much nicer than my old commutes in Washington, DC, Cambridge, Boston and Brookline.

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for commenting, you are my favorite "commenter" by far. :-) I just read that the Great Highway is a beautiful stretch for running long distances...might want to try that someday..