Sunday, April 01, 2007

Orange-Colored Day

Woke up at 12 p.m. today when Kim called me from the Farmer's Market at the Embarcadero. We were going to grab lunch at the Canvas Gallery, when Albert and Paul contacted me about brunch at a Chinese restaurant on 20-something street. It occurred to me that we could join forces, and we had a big meal at the Chinese restaurant. We were so full of food that we had to rest, so we hung out at Paul's and watched "Amelie," a movie that Kim introduced me to during the first month of college and which I have always loved since. Then, we wanted to take advantage of the day and walk in Golden Gate was like a game of "If you give a mouse a cookie," because then we decided that we were very close to the ocean, and we wanted to walk through the park to the ocean. We walked most of the way, then took the muni a few blocks, and caught a view of the sunset over Ocean Beach. The sun was like a giant orange egg yolk moving behind the clouds, and we frolicked on the freezing cold sand. Then we took the Muni home, Kim went home to cook dinner for her brothers and her, and we ate at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant called Good Vegetarian Restaurant on 12th and Kirkham that was really really tasty. The tofu really tasted like was so good.

To take a quote from "Amelie,"

it was a beautiful orange-colored day.

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