Friday, March 30, 2007

Night at the Exploratorium

Stephen, Mary, Albert wearing special headphones at the Exploratorium
No school today (thank you, Caesar Chavez) for I spent most of it sleeping in (read: 14 hours). Tonight, UCSF students and staff members could get free admission to the Exploratorium in San Francisco from 6-9 p.m. So of course we visited! The museum was a blast; it was like a huge playground for budding scientists and congenital nerds alike. In fact, we were so enthusiastic about the whole museum that we felt that it may be wasted on children:
Albert: "These damn kids have no idea how amazing these exhibits are...they keep hogging the exhibits and getting in my way!"
Mary: "Yeah, some of them can't even reach the podium!"
Despite what you may believe from the following exchange, Mary and Albert are the sweetest medical students whom you will ever meet.
In other news, I've caught a little souvenir from Las Vegas (no, it's not an STD) and now I'm sick with an upper respiratory infection...obnoxious phlegmy cough, congestion, etc. At least all of my blockmates are sharing the same's a collective experience. Lovely.

Mary and me after we built a red rubber arch from scratch

Albert making sand designs on plates of metal using vibrations from a bow
Stephen and Mary playing with an infrared camera

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