Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Mom Forgot My Birthday

The following telephone conversation occurred at 9 p.m.:

S: Hello?
M: Happy Birthday, Stephanie!
S: It's 9 p.m. Mom, you forgot my birthday, didn't you?
M: I sent you a card last Monday, did you get it?
S: Not yet. How come you didn't call me until now?
M: I remembered on Monday...
S: I knew it! You forgot that my birthday was today.
M: No! I didn't forget per se --
S: Yes, you did!
M: Well, I was busy! March 21st was a big day for me, I had an audit.
S: And the date that kept cropping up, March 21st didn't ring any bells for you as -- gee, i dont know -- the date of birth of your firstborn child?
M: That was 23 years ago! I just forgot...
S: Yeah, mom, but you gave birth to me...I thought maybe it was a big deal for BOTH of us.
M: I sent you a card on Monday!
S: I can't believe that you forgot my birthday!
M: Ohh, here comes Dad. [Shouting to Dad]: Sam! Come wish your daughter a happy birthday!
Dad: [in the background, genuinely confused] Who?

By the way, my mom gave birth to me, and my dad delivered me. Or so they tell me.

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nikkii said...

wow i am sorry about this...