Thursday, March 15, 2007


Paul (green striped shirt) and his adoring fan base/well-fed friends
Last Wednesday, Paul invited us over to his house for the most delicious homemade steaks ever tasted, he even made them to order (medium rare, etc.) and had side dishes! He does this for free, for fun, and for his friends. Of course, the steaks were the last straw in a big pile of meals that Paul has prepared for us every Wednesday for the last few months, so Jenny took it in her hands to make sure that Paul would NOT prepare dinner this week...but since none of us can cook that well...we took him to Korean BBQ instead. At first, Paul resisted. He refused. Then Jenny found out that he loves My Tofu House. When she suggested that we eat there tonight, Paul quickly gave in. :-) The food was good, but not as good as Paul's home cooking!

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