Monday, July 09, 2007

There's Only Two Ways to Rock Karaoke...Sing Well or Sing LOUDLY

Last Friday was Paul's Birthday!

Here is the invitation:


Genius. Gourmet Chef. Avid Golfer. MmmSTP.

Paul Cheng (MS 2) is a man of MANY talents, some of which promise to be in full display this Friday night (July 6) when the Slacker President himself finally enters his prime at the age of 23.

What better way to celebrate our beloved Asian food aficionado's birthday than to dine at a restaurant hand-picked by the Expert himself…Osha Thai…at 6 p.m.

Continue the party and come satisfy your secret Asian fetish after dinner when we let all hell break loose in a private karaoke room at Playground in Japantown at 9 p.m.

Remember those fobby yogurt drinks when you were a kid? Come taste the alcoholic version (yogurt soju) while singing karaoke and chowing down on cheese-covered corn-on-the-cob. Because nothing says "Happy Birthday, Paul" like singing the Spice Girls' song "When Two Become One" in a dangerously unsteady falsetto.

P.S. Paul promises to sing a song of the crowd's choice. Rock the vote.

WHO: "Paulbladder"
WHAT: Paul Cheng's 23rd Birthday
WHEN: Friday, July 6th
DINNER (6 P.M.): Osha Thai (3)
149 Second Street
SF, CA 94105
Phone: 415-278-9991
KARAOKE (9-11 P.M.) : Playground
1705 Buchanan St (between Post St & Sutter St) SF, CA 94115
Phone: (415) 929-1471

Please RSVP…there's enough Paul to go around. :)

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