Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gifts for Little Sibs

Chlamydia from Giant Microbes

UCSF may not have a sports team or a mascot, but we've still got school spirit. Right now, benevolent MS2's are adopting MS1's as their Little Sibs and signing them up for anatomy lockers and leaving them gifts in their mailboxes.
Some of the gifts being given include: combination locks for the anatomy lockers, UCSF shotglass, $2 buck chuck (i mean, wine), UCSF t-shirts and hats in years past, chocolate, candy, little shots of liquor and books.
I adopted one sibling and gave her a combination lock. Then, because there was a shortage, I adopted a second sibling based on his interests (self-described enophile interested in oncology) and bought him some UCSF baby socks for his newborn.
Paul, on the other hand, has become the male-version of Angelina Jolie. He not only has a female MSTP Little Sib, but also two regular Little Sibs. He bought Maxwell's handbook for the two Little Sibs whom he has not yet met. At the bookstore, we saw these cuddly bugs (giant microbes) of common pests. The cutest one (all green and with tentacles) was an STD.
Paul looked at the stuffed animal thoughtfully and said,
"I guess I'll give my Little Sib chlamydia.
If the other two sibs are cool, I'll give them syphilis."

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