Saturday, September 08, 2007

Late Night Thoughts

So tired right now, why am I blogging?

Some random thoughts:

Today was the White Coat Ceremony for the MS1's! Aww! Congrats!

The UCSF library really doesn't care about the med school. Although all of the other schools (Pharmacy, Dental, etc.) finished in May, the med school did not finish until June 22. What did the library do? They switched to a summer schedule with shorter hours almost a MONTH before the med students took the final exam. Although we started school 2 weeks ago, the UCSF library is STILL on a summer schedule because the other schools have not started yet! We have our first exam next Wednesday. Seriously, to borrow a description from Alex G, the med school is like "the red-headed step-child" of the UCSF library. It's really nerdy to rant about library policies. Don't be like me.

Today at 12:20 a.m., Paul said, "I think he will go into pediology."

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