Friday, February 22, 2008


Some women experience pain during ovulation, which someone coined as "mittelschmerz." It is quite possibly one of the quirkiest terms and definitions in medicine. According to Wiki, the term is German for "middle pain," and I would have to say that life is definitely in that slightly uncomfortable "in-between" stage right now.

Last year, I never realized how the MS2's were suffering in semi-silence -- crunched with Life Cycle, finishing up activities, trying to study for boards a month away, and trying to decode the Core rotation lottery for next Tuesday. Ahh, so much to do right now and I still haven't worked on a manuscript that I wanted to draft by last December. :( Mittelschmerz.

*** On March 6, Synapse is publishing a Women's Issue, so please contribute any articles, photos, or women-inspired poetry and artwork to by March 3, 2008. THANKS! :)

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