Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Two Fake Pinkberries = Heaven

Oh. My. Gosh.

Okay, I know that Pinkberry is overrated and that sugar-free, fat-free, food-free yogurt shouldn't be so addictive, but there's just something about Pinkberry that makes me buy into the hype. What also intrigues me is the phenomenon of so many FAKE Pinkberries -- so many unashamedly brash knock-offs of the cute, simple, yogurt enterprise that offer the same menu and decorations.

Yesterday, I tried the fake Pinkberry known as Jubili on Fillmore St. and it was actually not that great. The yogurt is more bland and it just didn't have the same addictive quality.

TODAY, boy, I am so excited, Paul and I stumbled upon a FAKE PINKBERRY on IRVING. ST. That's right, UCSF, there's a FAKE PINKBERRY ON IRVING ST. and you READ IT HERE FIRST! The store is called Tuttimelon and it just opened near the corner of 23rd Ave. and Irving St. last Saturday. They are having a special discount of 99 cents for a small, original yogurt, but toppings cost extra. The yogurt was better than Jubili and closer to that tart, sour cream-like taste of Pinkberry, but still not creamy enough.

By the way, the Synapse FOOD ISSUE is coming out this Thursday and it's a fantastic 20-page issue of all foodie goodness. Seriously, I am so stoked.

1515 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

2150 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA

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