Friday, July 11, 2008

Things Learned in Medicine (so far)

1) 80% of the time, when a doctor asks you how to initially treat a patient's condition, "IV fluids" is correct. This does not work for CHF. It does work for pancreatitis.

2) Our attending teaches us to -- above all -- "do what's right for the patient." I have found that this mantra can rarely lead you astray.

3) In terms of H&P presentations, accuracy > speed > thoroughness.

4) Food is good for the soul


Mary Jane said...

Hi. Came across your blog by accident, but have sure enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to compile. It cheered me up.

You can see my work at

I wish you the best in doctoring. I have often been a medical advocate for family and friends. It seems as though it might be easy where you are--just go see Stephanie.

Advice you may or may not need: Be a good listener. Most of the time it is hard to be a patient--and getting to the problem will generally take more than the 15 seconds most doctors take to reaffirm their pre-entry into the exam room diagnosis.
Also, buck the HMO system. Do what is right, not what the HMO guidelines are. If you can't, at least let the patient know that HMO won't cover, but if it were up to you you would do x, y or z.

Be well,
Mary Jane

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Mary Jane! I appreciate your advice and thoughtful comments. :)