Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lost in Medicine Land

Sorry for the paucity of postings...I've been spending 70% of my time at the hospital learning how to think about sick grown-ups. Medicine has been great so far; the culture is definitely different from peds, but I feel more comfortable in medicine than expected. In peds, the residents almost never wore white coats and had silly colorful toys. In medicine, everyone wears a white coat and the whole setting is slightly more formal, but still comfortable and very dedicated towards nurturing the med students. :-)

This morning, I got a numeric page on the 14th floor of Moffitt, so I called back saying, "this is Stephanie returning a page."

"Stephanie? Stephanie Chang?" the voice said on the other line.


"This is the ICU attending," the voice continued, "and I have to say that I am very disappointed..."

at that point I started experiencing dyspnea...

..."your progress note this morning was horrible..." vitals were HR 99, BP 150/90, RR 22


It was a classmate of mine playing a prank on me. In the hospital.

If I wasn't the victim, I would say that it was genius....

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