Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last night my car window was broken and my book bag taken as I was eating dinner in SOMA. Bummer. Like any curious medical student, I started almost compulsively googling some background reading and found that these car burglaries or "smash and grab" crimes (known as "boosts") are way too common in San Francisco, with an average of 41 incidents per day in the city!

Many medical students have experienced car burglaries even in the Sunset, which is relatively safe, and some have had their cars stolen. It's like owning a bicycle in WILL get stolen! Accepting these crimes as a fact of life is frustrating.

Interestingly, after a campaign to crack down on car burglaries, the police reported that "the team has arrested 34 people, according to department spokesman Sgt. Steve Mannina, which has contributed to a 22 percent drop in incidents reported between October of this year and October 2006."

"By arresting one person, we prevent at least 10 to 20 [break-ins] per week,” Lazar said. “One person doesn’t break into just one car. They move on and target more.”

This week, my car window got broken and I lost all of my psychiatry materials.

Last week, a psychiatric patient escaped from the hospital under my supervision...but he came back six hours later to "get his stuff back"!



kim said...

Oh no! I'm sorry Steph. Don't put your bags in your car!!! I mean, you know that now.

At least it's replaceable, yes?


Dr Benway said...

I remember while in a bathroom stall at Mt. Zion, a hand came under the stall door, grabbed my backpack on the floor at my feet, then took off. I yanked up my pants and gave chase. Got most my stuff back.

Robbers suck.

Your blog is very cool.

Stephanie said...

Wow, your story made me laugh out loud. In the UCSF library. :)