Monday, March 16, 2009

hey, i got my stuff back

Believe it or not...but I got a call from a medical classmate letting me know that my stolen tote bag was dropped off "by a homeless guy" at the Moffitt ED. Most of my stuff was still there (!) including:

- psychiatry case files book
- medical student ID
- stethoscope
- reflex hammer
- key
- pager
- two notebooks
- chapstick
- umbrella

The only things missing that i can tell so far were a cliff bar, the battery from my pager, and a pack of 50 cards for 1-800 quit tobacco. Found objects include a BART card and a flyer for a tattoo parlor.

Not sure what to make of this...maybe the man who smashed my car window realized that he stole a bag from a painfully dorky medical student and took pity on me?


Dr Benway said...


The one thing I lost from my boost experience, was this telescoping reflex hammer. The expensive wheel one. *sniff*

We had the dingy highly fluorescent library before they built the purty one. Funny I can't remember exactly where it was.

I remember the linzer tortes at Tart to Tart, and the enormous burritos from Gordo's near the park. Ah, good times.

Dr Benway said...


There's a Science-Based Medicine conference on Thursday, July 9th. This is an all-day conference at the Southpoint Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's also part of The Amazing Meeting July 9-12th run by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF).

The conference organizer, Dr. Novella, has a regular podcast: the Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

I would be happy to cover the cost of air travel, hotel, and registration for any interested UCSF med student.

Maybe you know some poor stud who might have fun at such a thing? If so, tell them to leave a comment on my blog.

danp610 said...

you do realize.. that "homeless guy" was me. It's just that.. I'm between jobs right now and all..

kersten said...

that is cool!!! I was amazed that someone like him still exist here. Well good for you. i thought the FINDERS KEEPERS is so on these times. I lost my wallet before in the class room and no one in the room said they saw it.
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