Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Eyes Have It

For an ophthalmology elective this quarter, we learned about conditions like red eye, glaucoma, etc. The best part was the climax of the course, which was a sheep eye dissection in a microsurgery suite. It was thrilling using a tiny beaver blade to cut around the iris of the eye, then we used a blade to pop the eyeball and all of its juices came out. You have to be a curious little kid sometimes to get through medical school. Then we used the tiniest little silver scoop (it looked like a miniature silver slotted spatula) to scoop out the lens in a surgery for imaginary cataracts. I always thought that the lens looked like a contact lens (concave, clear, hard, etc.), but it was actually just a little lump of clear jelly. I pretended to not be surprised; it's a good skill to learn in medicine, I think. Then we sutured the eye back up using tiny instruments (small, expensive, doll-like instruments) and that was the hardest part. It was so slippery!

Finally, we played with slit lamps in the clinical exam rooms. Ophthalmology is fun!

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