Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Research at Stanford has been "finished" (in the official sense) after 1-2 weeks of business (busyness) messing up qPCR plates and redoing them over to near-perfection (hot dog!). After a lab presentation on 8/13 that was a bit nerve-wracking to prepare over the weekend, I relaxed a bit and fixed some odds and ends before visiting Paul in SF on Friday (we pretended to be tourists. Waited 1 hour for a trolley ride to Fisherman's Wharf. $3 cupcakes and free samples at Ghiradelli's. In'n'Out. Aquarium of the Bay. Champagne grapes on Pier 39. Walked the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building) and leaving for home on Saturday.

Home has been nice, as always. I never appreciated how lucky it is to have lots of siblings, because you are never lonely and there is always someone there to make you watch scary TV shows and then frighten you later. Actually, no one has frightened me yet. So far, I have started reading Parry Hotter 7, rearranged the furniture and objects in the house so that it looks like my closet threw up on the living room, put together 2 bookcases with my siblings, and chauffered people around. Today, we started repainting Jeremy's new room (he is moving into the old room that belonged to Sam and me) and we moved all three beds into our grandmother's room to create a superbed (i kid you not).

The weather has been HOT in LA, it's like the chilliness of SF has rendered me unfit for the burning August heat of Southern California. It's the dog days of summer, and like most kids at home, I have been a bit bored and a bit lazy...but it's awesome. The scenery outside has been amazing, and I feel bad that I haven't been outside as much...soaking up that cool greenery and warm sunlight.

See ya, kiddies, med school restarts next Monday.

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