Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nicknames and Inside Jokes

Joe, the Punster, has created a large collection of nicknames and inside jokes...some of which will now be immortalized forever on this blog.

Stephanie Nicknames
- Stach (after making fun of an unintelligible pistachio cartoon)
- Special C (sC) (a primer with a random name, there is also special B and D)
- Seed Bunny (C’d bunny) (when I said "seed money" and Joe replied, "Seed bunny? I don't understand this new slang of yours!")
- Changster (rhymes with gangster)
- Brayer Rabbit (pun on an instrument that we use, somehow related to seed bunnies)
- Stephi G (because we love "techmology")

- Joe Fuge (patented)
- Joe Momma (my favorite)
- Joe Blow
- Joe Schmo
- Horecka-San (because he speaks Japanese!)
- Ali J (because class A drugs guarantee higher quality)

- Chuish (Jewish)

Inside Jokes

- Joe = inventor of the “ice cream sandwich”
- Stephanie = inventor of “using an extra tray”
- necrophiliac puppet – want to bet a lemon danish?
- Nearly Finnished (Clark Center)
- How to Eat Sushi (“all Taisho have secret personal histories”)
- Racy Japanese lab supply catalogues
- “Techmology”
- Indiana Jones and the centrifuge
- Charlie McCarthy beheaded! I’ll throw a Japanese beetle on you!
- Plum sticks…mmm
- “I’ve been sconed!”
- Running to Peet’s to get free coffee (first 20 with an email)
- Thai Café – the Soup Nazi of Stanford
- Cantor Museum Café – splitting $16 salmon
- Usurping the German oglers from their seats, splitting tacos
- “Any millenium now…”
- “In Japanese I'd say to you here "otsukaresamadeshita", which means "you are the honorable tired one."
- “Gochisosama deshita!” Which you say after finishing a meal.

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