Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Napa 3

Last Sunday, Jey and I took a laid-back trip to Napa Valley. We woke up late, so we didn't really make it a big official trip with bells and whistles attached. The best part about the trip was seeing the grapes turning color...harvest coming in September (apparently Sept. 1 for chardonnay). We visited 4-5 wineries: Peju (pretty winery, so-so wine), V. Sattui (no tasting, just BBQ, so good), Prager (our hidden gem, specializing in port), Franciscan (not bad), Clos Du Val (my first winery on the Silverado Trail), and Martini (AMAZING cab, must buy next time). It was so beautiful there and the grapes are starting to turn from green to purple, which makes be happy because there's something about the delicious anticipation of a harvest that makes me feel like the cyclical rhythm of life is still going strong. When the seasons change and the grapes are ready for harvest, it's like feeling the pulse of something very alive and being comforted by its regularity.

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