Thursday, January 03, 2008

Eggs and Sperm

Coming to school at 8 am was like waking up with a massive vacation hangover.

The MS2's are definitely more focused after winter break, since we take the boards in late March to early April. Juggling our new block (reproduction and development) with Boards studying will be interesting, but co-productive, so it's not so bad.

Haven't exactly climbed back onto the MedSchool Horse, stayed home an extra day to watch my brother march in the Rose Parade and celebrate my dad's "real" birthday (long story). Didn't have my syllabus or any idea what was going on (not like that's abnormal).

On a brighter note, my First Aid 2008 arrived in the mail today. It's like getting a new Britney Spear's album; it's that exciting! Tao Le, the senior editor of First Aid, was actually a UCSF med alumnus AND a former editor of Synapse! :)

However, I haven't actually opened First Aid yet...or ever...and it's becoming apparent that one of the biggest challenges to studying for Boards is not drowning in a sea of semi-useless board review books. Still have no clue what's going on.

But, hey, that's okay. Today during histology lab, we had a mystery case concerning a female patient who had amenorrhea and hirsutism. The question asked, "what was her diagnosis?"

My lab partner, Nick, (bless his heart), thought very solemnly for a minute before carefully writing down in his lab syllabus: "No...Egg...Syndrome."

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