Thursday, January 31, 2008

Side Projects

Kara's Cupcakes in Ghiradelli Square, SF
Aside from Synapse, studying, and teaching MSP, I realized last Sunday that there are a variety of "side projects" of varying intensity that occupy my time and interest. Some of them are quirky, some of them are serious, some of them have deadlines, and all of them are strangely absorbing.
1) The Loose Change Project: After finding 3 lbs. of loose change in my backpack (leaky wallet syndrome), I placed all my loose change in a purple suede baggie and currently try to use up all my coins by paying exact change at Moffiteria, MUNI, whenever I remember. It's OCD, I know. GOAL: Use up all my change without caving into the monopoly known as CoinStar.
2) The Napa Project: I heart wine. GOAL: To visit 70% of Napa's wineries with Paul by 2010 (the year we "graduate" from UCSF). 70% is the cut-off to pass an exam in medical school, it makes sense that we should exact the same standards on life outside medical school. We wouldn't be premed without a spreadsheet, too, now would we?
3) Biostatistics Project: Because it's fun to take imaginary grad classes during I3! GOAL: To pass Stan Glantz's biostatistics class in the fall of 2007. Completed!
4) French Laundry Project: Because the waiting list is 6 months. GOAL: To eat here. Some day.
5) Surgical Skills Project?: To learn surgical skills, because I don't want to be whipped in the OR by an attending. GOAL: To take an elective for credit (as a SECOND year? Who DOES that??).
6) Candle Project: Because burning free candles is like reading a really satisfying novel. GOAL: To burn all my candles into little stubs.
7) Jeopardy! Project: Because I'm addicted to fast-paced quiz shows. GOAL: To be on Jeopardy someday? Not much progress on this project...
8) Boba Project: Because they put nicotine in those tapioca balls. GOAL: To drink boba as much as humanly deadline.
9) Books for Pleasure Project: Because reading makes you a better person. GOAL: To finish "Master and Margarita," to read "Middlemarch," and a few Elizabethan dramas.
10) Secret Projects!
Boy, this was the most un-serious post in recent memory.

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