Monday, May 19, 2008

Finger to Nose

Just got back from the ED (for some reason, the med community calls it the ED, while the public calls it the ER or emergency room).

Pediatric urgent care was crazy busy today (everyone waits until Monday over the weekend), was there until 8 p.m. Then went over to the ED and saw the cutest 4 y/o boy with an eyelid laceration because his friend hit him in the eye with a rusty pole this afternoon (me: "it doesn't sound like he's a very good friend").

The cutest thing was when I was doing the neuro exam to make sure that his brain was intact after getting whacked in the head, and I asked him to do finger-to-nose to test his coordination.

Me: "Okay, I want you to touch your nose and then touch the tip of my finger."
Boy: [Sticks his index finger up his nostril to the first knuckle and withdraws a snot-covered finger]
Me: [Collective "Eew" arises from adults watching. Me pulling finger away quickly while parents burst out laughing] ", let's test your other finger..."

Wow, I never expected that from a pediatric finger-to-nose exam!

On another note, I am so far removed from current events...Robert Mondavi passed away and apparently there was this big earthquack in China. For a great blog posting on Anderson Cooper 360, please refer to a posting written by the sister of my former housemate:

Shit, did I just say "earthquack"?

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