Saturday, May 10, 2008

Random Peds Quotes

Intern: "Can't trust a four-year-old."

Intern: "Why don't we do pregnancy tests on all of our male adolescents, too? It would be more thorough and less discriminatory."

"The longer you stay...the longer you stay." (this makes so much more sense now that I'm in the hospital than it did before)

Senior: "She's afebrile and non-edematous, which is...weird."

Senior: "She's going to barf on you."

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Jacqueline said...

Sorry, I've been stuck wallowing in my own slobber (aka studying for Step 1) and hence did not realize that YOU ARE ON THE WARDS!!!!

I'm so excited for you, lovely lovely wonderful you!!!!!

Miss you, and go get em, tiger!