Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pediatric Urgent Care

Today, I diagnosed a 16-month-old girl with acute otitis media. I am proud of this because a) the baby couldn't tell me what was hurting her and b) i've never seen an inflamed TM before. This makes me feel like maybe someday I can be a semi-competent doctor.

I also helped take care of a 10 y/o boy today who fell on his head and had a 2.5 cm. forehead laceration that was so deep it was down to the bone. It was a really wicked cool laceration, and the poor boy took it like a champ. Watching the suturing was so cool!

There was also a 4 y/o girl who also fell on the pavement, but she presented with waxing and waning mental status and 3 bouts of emesis in the exam room. We rushed her to the CT scanner in the emergency department to check her head.

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