Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Congrats, DR. Jey!

Jey and Stephanie, BU Med Graduation, May 20, 2007
The Boston University School of Medicine held its graduation last Sunday at the Mariott in Copley/Prudential. As my first post-grad graduation, it was fairly interesting and yet standard in a comforting sort of way. Even though my life nowadays is usually disorganized and full of spontaneity and the delicious kind of sloth reminiscent of lazy afternoons in elementary school, I have to admit that I am deep down a creature of rituals, tradition, and routine.
I like to wake up at 7:40 a.m. in the morning, make some decaffeinated tea, run to class 5 minutes late (sorry D. Lo), and glance outside to make sure that the Golden Gate Bridge is still standing over the bay when I step out of my 6 minute elevator commute in the morning. I like to watch the previews at the movies, and I like hearing the introductions of the new lecturers to gain some sort of context and background. I love background stories and context. It's comforting to have my decaf tea, to see the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day, and to hear someone's story.
It's also very comforting to attend a graduation and see everyone dressed up like rejects from a Harry Potter movie, to hear student speeches joking about medical school, and to quietly moan to yourself while 144 students are called out individually for 30 seconds of stardom as they shuffle across the stage wearing sweet, goofy smiles to receive a ridiculously oversized piece of paper (like a giant check from Ed MacMahon) while their parents dart around the stage like rabid paparazzi.
Yes, nothing changes after medical school.
I am really proud of Jey and how he excelled in the 7-year BA/MD program at Boston University. He worked very hard, but he enjoyed life outside school, too, and pretty much became a native Bostonian. You can take Jey away from Boston, but you can't take the Red Sox away from Jey. Next month, he is moving to San Jose, California, to work at Santa Clara Valley as an intern! Don't worry, this blog will formally introduce Jey later.
What you really need to know is that Jey is a kid at heart. The graduation from medical school has not changed him at all. In fact, the night before graduation, Jey banged his shin against the car door and he yelled, "I hurt my calf."
"Jey," I chided, "That's NOT your calf. That's your SHIN. Haven't you learned anything in medical school?"
Jey looked at me defiantly.
He pointed at his stomach and said, "TUMMY."
Then he pointed at his nostril and said, "NOSE...HOLE."
Note: Jey is not going to be a pediatrician.

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