Sunday, May 13, 2007

Falling in Love in Golden Gate Park

"Hotel Eden" by Joseph Cornell
Golden Gate Park is located 2 blocks from UCSF, I cannot begin to explain how fond I have become of walking or running around exploring nooks and crannies.
Today, I just wandered restlessly around golden gate park
there was in art show in front of the deyoung museum
i fell in love with this painting
it was $600 and i couldn't buy it
so I talked to the artist for a bit
what was it about the painting?
everything just felt right
the first thing that caught my eye was that he uses threads and nails
he uses tiny nails and winds colored thread around them
red paint, blobs, random features and bits of broken glass and found objects
it just felt right
i like the textures of the objects and how he strung the thread around the nails that made shadows onto the canvas and so it created even more artistic lines that change with light
and his framing of the painting was assymetrical
all of his framings were assymetrical, and i'm a sucker for that
so even that caught my fancy
i like it when things a just a tad "off"
and the artist was explaining how he finds things on the street
and he showed me this bit of a coke can that he found
and how it was beaten around and silvery and in the shape of an african mask
i don't even usually like abstract art
but i do like 3D materials and found objects
i snuck back and got his name and contact info
so maybe when i'm older i can get a painting
and even then it's not as important
it's remembering how this painting makes me feel
i don't know
it really is like being in love
it just felt right
i don't think that strong reactions are rare
but you have to be open to them
that's the other thing that he was saying
he said:"don't hold anything in"


Kim said...

I came across those art exhibits outside deYoung awhile back too--and I was just in the park on Sunday. The Shakespeare Park, where you want to get married. I love this city.

Kim said...

Also, running there is almost as good as the Charles. As good, in a different way.

Actually I'm posting again to say that we should do one of those Friday nights at deYoung. Okay, good night :)

Stephanie said...

I have photos of the Shakespeare Park too! Friday nights at DeYoung, yes!