Monday, December 03, 2007

Just Wanted to Drop a Line

Wow, we are rushing headlong into December and to the beginning of 2008. I didn't even make my thanksgiving list this thing you know it will be time for new year's resolutions.

Promise to write more thoughtful entries, but time has been in short supply lately.

If last week had had a theme, it would have been "singing and dancing."
- Saw the musical "Jersey Boys" on Wednesday night with friends from medical school -- learned a lot about the Four Seasons and Frankie Valli (Frankie who?). Professional singers and cancers (whoops, "dancers") are AMAZING.
- On Friday evening, saw 20 minutes of an acapella concert, the UCSF Vocal Chords (semi-professional singers), and then
-Went to Japantown for karaoke (amateurs singing at an AMSA conference event).
- Saturday evening saw a dance performance at CounterPulse by the Dance Monks, an interpretative dance troupe (yay for artsy fartsy cancers!).
- Later that evening, went to the dance club Impala in North Beach, for an AMSA conference event (good natured sketchy cancers).

Ahhh, why is there so much to do?

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