Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thoughts Uncensored

in no particular order...

1) I am blogging right now because I can't find my syllabus. It has been missing since the midterm. This is the second time that I have misplaced a syllabus (last time was during I3). Syllabus, come back!

2) This week was killer. Today was killer.
8-12 pm - Class
12-1 pm - Synapse
1-6:30 pm - Last pediatric preceptorship
7-8 pm - MSP meeting
8-now - time-wasting (almost as bad as K+ wasting, just call me furosemide).

3) My preceptor gave me a Christmas present: a card, book, and finger puppet. I exhibit inordinate pleasure over my butterfly finger puppet. Maybe I'll bring it to lecture and wiggle it at someone.

4) The next few months are going to suck.

5) The special Tabula issue for Synapse came out today, I am so happy that the photos were printed in color!

6) Tonight, I am so proud that 13 MSP instructors came back to volunteer to teach Respiratory/Renal. The more people teaching, the less burden on everyone. Probably should have held back on teaching chronic kidney disease on Feb. 14th -- but let's be honest, my love life is on dialysis right now anyway. Besides, it reminds me of spending last Valentine's Day in the library cramming for renal...things have come full-circle.

7) I need to take a Nap-a. :)

8) The colored labels on Gmail = agonists on my beta-1 receptors => increased HR and SANS. I'm so ridiculously excited.
Colored labels > sliced bread.


Craig said...

oh steph...

Stephanie said...

thanks, craig. :)