Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fellow UCSF Bloggers

It would be a crime for me to not tip my top hat in tribute to the fellow UCSF Synapse bloggers working tirelessly every night to entertain, delight, dazzle, and inform our loyal readers (which number in the high twenties, I'd wager, not counting ourselves). We labor like monkeys chained to typewriters. Sort of. Their websites can be found in the nifty sidebar to the right, along with the website for our mothership, UCSF Synapse.

My fellow medical student blogger, Craig Chen, is a profound thinker and writer who will captivate you with his reflections on a myriad of medical ethical dilemmas, cool science facts, and funny quotes. Jeremy, our dental student blogger, possesses a hilarious and compelling "voice" that will give you an extremely vivid impression of dental school and educate you on a variety of political and intellectual contemporary issues. Although I do not know the two pharmacy students personally, ephempharm and Lux are also very worthy reads that promise to give you the inside scoop on pharmacy school.

Each of the bloggers has a unique perspective and writing style that reveals a different facet of UCSF. I would highly recommend that you sample each blog, that way you will discover that the UCSF experience offers way more than free plastic surgery, talking mannequins, off-color Harry Potter jokes and inadvertent cadaver eating. Wait -- scratch that -- there's NO free plastic surgery.


Thom said...

Stephanie, I hope you might also include a link in your sidebar to the main UCSF website at, or at least to the story we posted on the main UCSF site about the full range of UCSF-related blogs, and which we update regularly as we learn of new such blogs.

Stephanie said...

Hi Thom,

Thank you for your amazingly sweet comment last December =) I have fixed the sidebar just for you!