Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Fear not, loyal readers, I did not keel over and die during my transcontinental flight back to Los Angeles. For the past week, I have been hiking, ice skating, going to museums, shopping, watching movies and TV, and gorging my little heart out on wonderful food at home. Also, I live near the street where the annual Rose Parade is held every January brings back fond memories of volunteering for float decoration and nearly losing my hair in a tragic glue accident.

Very little of my vacation at home involved medicine...except when my sister sprained her ankle and I shouted, "That's your deltoid ligament!"

Then my brother hurt his arm and I yelled, "That's your biceps...wait, no...I mean your triceps. It has three heads, but I forget the names." After three months of medical school, I am surprised and appalled by how much human anatomy has been learned and how much has already been forgotten.

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