Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kidney Church

Glomerulus of the kidney, silver stain, light microscopy

Once again, my blog has fallen silent because of an seems to be the only thing that can keep me away from updating compulsively! However, the exam has come and gone, and we are done with the lungs. Bye bye lungs. Welcome kidneys! The kidneys are rumored to be one of the hardest blocks in our first year at UCSF, so I should study more this month. We saw some beautiful slides today of the glomerulus (it took me ten minutes to figure out how to say it like a pro..."gloh-mare-ru-lus" as opposed to "gloh-mer-roo-lus"). Since I can't see anything in slides anyway (histology is not my bag, baby), I like to amuse myself by hallucinating and imagining what the image reminds me of. Aesthetically, some of these images are fantastic and I wouldn't mind hanging a few on my wall someday. The slides above remind me of stained glass windows; it's like I'm in a church! Yes, the kidneys are quite a religious experience.

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