Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Harry Potter's Greatest Fear

Today in our cross-cultural communication lecture, the speaker had the medical students engage in some role-playing to better see a patient's perspective. Some questions that we were encouraged to ask were "What do you feel is causing your illness?" "What treatment do you think you should receive to alleviate it?" and "What worries you the most?"

Three scenarios were available for the medical students to reenact:
1) Dick Cheney with angina (heart pain).
2) Jennifer Lopez, who feels that she may be pregnant yet is planning to spend the next 9 months working on a movie set.
3) Harry Potter with a lump on his groin.

After the students finished the doctor-patient dialogue in pairs, the speaker opened a lecture-wide discussion. The transcript was loosely thus:

Speaker: "What was your patient most worried about?"

Student #1: "Getting fat."

Speaker: "I assume that your patient was Jennifer Lopez."

Student #1: "Haha, yes."

Speaker: "But what about Harry Potter? What would he be most worried about?"

Student #2: "Not being able to practice his magic."

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