Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Excuse Me, Chancellor Bishop?

Chancellor Bishop has given us three lectures so far, and it's such an immense honor to learn from a Nobel prizewinner and UCSF Chancellor...it's such a shame that I usually sit there half-dazed and eating oatmeal from the hospital cafeteria at 8 am in the morning.

Tonight, while "studying," a few classmates came up with some "questions" for Chancellor Bishop the next time that he lectures. Most of the questions refer to the fabled Nobel medal (or "nerd bling"). Is it acceptable for Nobel prizewinners to walk around wearing such hardware?


1) "Excuse me, Chancellor Bishop, your lecture on viruses and cancer is very interesting. Are you wearing your Nobel medal under your shirt right now?"

2) "Exactly how big is your Nobel medal?"

3) "Can I touch it?"

4) "Chancellor Bishop, is your Nobel medal a bronze, silver, or gold?"

5) "Is your Nobel medal dark chocolate or milk chocolate?"

6) "Do you think that a Nobel medal has improved your 'game' with the ladies?"

7) "Do you sleep with men, women, or both?"

8) "What is my risk of dying from rickettsia in the laboratory?"

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