Friday, October 26, 2007

Statistician, Feisty

The MS2's have a 6-day-long break after the I3 final on Monday. On Thursday, Paul and I took the biostatistics midterm...a grad school class that we are auditing for fun. It's strange to be taking a "fake" class and a "fake" test, but it's kind of funny at the same time. It's definitely something that we are doing purely for ourselves, and the idea is rather liberating.

Since the midterm was open book and open notes, I didn't even motivate myself to study. Instead, I stuck post-it notes inside the textbook for the formulas.

During the exam, I found the following item under the textbook index:

"Statistician, feisty."

I love how Glantz managed to stick that into his sixth edition textbook.

How can I NOT take his class??

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