Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Samovar Tea in the Castro
The second Micro midterm was on Monday, but I didn't start reading the syllabus until Friday night. Although it was an interesting weekend as usual (full of cramming and swearing and all manner of tomfoolery in the S-rooms), I DID manage to stage a coup on Saturday afternoon...usurpring Paul's position as proud President of the UCSF Slackers' Club (a semi-fictional club founded by former M1's who realized that Pass/Fail really means Pass Now/Pass Later).
As Vice President last year, I was fired from my position when it was discovered that I was reading the Placebo chapter the day after the Placebo lecture. After a long summer of doing nothing, I was reinstated this year, only to discover that now my study habits are worse than Paul's (which is really, really remarkable). There's been a lot of power struggles in the Slackers' Club lately, but I will keep you posted on any promotions/fall-outs that occur.
Anyway, local politics has nothing to do with this post...what I really intended to write about was how I visited a local tea place called Samovar in the Castro this afternoon with DSL and drank some really good chai and an oolong dusted in licorice powder. The best part was riding a scooter there! It was awesome.
Now I am at home, thinking that I need to (a) prepare to MSP tomorrow, I am teaching "The Hand"; (b) do some prep for the Synapse meeting tomorrow; and (c) read and do my biostatistics homework. Stan Glantz teaches a course in biostatistics at UCSF, and I am auditing the class with Paul (yay) for fun. Just wanted to post because I wanted to write down a quote from the Primer of Biostatistics that reminds me how cool and insightful Stan Glantz's writing can be:
"The P value is not the arbiter of truth, but rather an assistant in making evolving judgments as to what the truth is" (pg 121).

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