Monday, October 01, 2007

Hello, October

Not much to say about life in medical school, except that it's a continual 2-week cycle of studying for MSP, pretending to study, trolling websites for Synapse article ideas, doing biostatistics homework, eating out, drinking boba, and then cramming lots of bugs and drugs into my brain for a 3-day-long weekend study binge before the exam. This cycle repeats every 12-14 days. Ah, the life of a second-year medical student. :) Soon, Boards will take over my life in March and then we start rotations in the hospital in April! No time to dwell on that, it's October (isn't "October" a wonderful word?) and I have promised to stop complaining about how the MS1's suffer from a strange form of mass hysteria before the first midterm this Friday. We were once wet-behind-the-ears MS1's, too, and it's always hard to understand exactly how much the examiners expect from us on the first exam. As I remember it, my motivation to study dropped precipitously after the Prologue midterm and my study habits have never recovered. :) Time to dress up in costumes and eat candy!

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Eisha said...

I am a first year suffering from this hysteria you speak of...and no matter how much everyone reassures me, I still can't calm down before our first midterm.

There will be light!