Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Other 70%

Paul and I have a visit 70% of Napa Valley's wineries before graduating from medical school. Since we need 70% to pass an exam in medical school, it seemed like 70% was a good benchmark for other important life pursuits.

Before visiting any wineries, Paul has a custom of visiting the Napa Valley Visitor's Center to get a map and some recommendations. Unfortunately, we may have realized last Tuesday that we've hit the 20% mark and outgrown the wisdom that the tour guides can offer us.

The following conversation was with an elderly lady (EL) at the Napa Valley Visitor's Center:

S: "What wineries do you recommend around Castello di Amarosa?"
EL: "Well, have you been to Sterling?"
P: "Yes."
EL: [continuing] "They have a lovely aerial tram [proceeds to show us a flyer]. Some people call them gondolas..."
P: "What else would you recommend?"
EL: "Well, V. Sattui has a lovely deli, you should definitely go there."
S: "We've been there."
EL: "Have you been to Beringer?"
P and S: "Yes."
EL: "Well, you can try Raymond. I have a coupon for you."
P: [Looking for recommendations on red wines/white wines/outstanding vintages] "What do they have there?"
EL: "Wine."
P: [blank face] "I see."

Castello di Amarosa (awesome $25 castle tour and tasting)
Raymond (pretty good reds)
Grgrich Hills (so-so, tasted 95-point muscat, free glass)
St. Supery (outstanding Sauvignon Blanc, '02 Cabernet Sauvignon, definitely a sleeper hit of a winery)

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